Yukiko Developement update Episode 2!


Morning everyone! Well... Where do I start? This time it's not gonna be easy. I mean last post about Yukiko was full of hope, this time... we were slow and Kinda lose hope. BUT Yukiko has been added to more than 100 guilds! yay! so Discord asks us to verify the bot we are now waiting for them. due to the growth of the bot we had a few issues with it, they are now fixed we had to clusterize the bot and shard it, or it was creating error with the database, Yukiko is now reading more than 180k users and +1M messages so far has been counted (all users included) Note we don't log or have access to any of you message, the leveling system is used to count all the messages
You guys went crazy because we are now counting more than 17K levels across all users. the higher one is around level 15. seems pretty low but after level 6 we notice it become a real challenge to level up. we probably going to think about a new advanced leveling system. we also count that you can only get 52 levels before hitting the software limit (64bytes numbers). we need to find a solution to that as well.

The open-source version of Yukiko, we are working on a patch because after October you will not be able to log in your bot via Yukiko. Working on the production version and the re-dev the entire open-source version appears to be a bit much for us. so temp patch and then the new version.

As the Yukiko Dev Team is now a thing, we want to let you know we also work on side project actually three bots. One dev bot we want to make public. this one has been thinking to make the development of your own bot easier. the second one is more security-focused. we saw how raid can go and we don't want those things to happen so we are working on a dedicated bot for this and we will implant a lighter version on Yukiko. Last one we want to keep it a secret for now. but more on this one very soon!

About the latest extended downtime... We encounter an issue with our music servers our bots use to play music in VC, we still don't know why this happened, but it does and Yukiko highly depends on this server. if she can't connect after a few times, the whole thing just crashes so our Shard Manager tries to get the shards online again and this apparently gets us rate-limited pretty quickly. it took us a certain amount of time to notice we hit the rate limit since the framework we are using doesn't show anything in logs. This is our priority to fix that issue.

On our side, we are working on a new version of Yukiko so version Yukiko 2.0 with a new website and a fully rebuilt bot. we, as humans, are learning every day. from our mistakes, our success, and just by practicing. we notice that the actual code is very messy and almost unreadable, also we can get this project much more optimized. so Yukiko 2.0 is coming soon! You don't have to do anything as soon as we deploy the new version it will be live on your guilds. we try our best to not wipe your guilds settings and users levels, for now, we are in a good way to do so. let's hope for the best.

also, I would like to point that on Yukiko's website the ToS and Privacy policy is now live. feel free to go read them.

That's it for today! Have a great day :)

Asthriona Ng

People call me "Cool kid" Because I know code, video editing, and I'm the best wow player of The Wall. But don't let them fool you! I'm not cool :p

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