Yukiko Developement update


hi! I'm Asthriona, developer of Yukiko bot. Lately, Yukiko saw a lot of instability, and sometimes we were unable to fix the issue except restart it and pray. we had to improve the code a lot, almost rewrite the entire bot due to an update of the framework and discord API. as you may notice some functions are disabled, or not working at all. that because we had to upgrade to V12. but now... almost everything is working as intended! except for the music bot... The whole Yukiko Dev Team is working really hard to bring it back, but with some *"surprise". before it was a YouTube bot only... pfft that's not enough for us... we want more stuff working with it! I don't know... Soundcloud for example! so I can annoy all my friends with *"12 days of Ricco" or "Carol Of The Balls" or even Twitch! (Mara Fox all day? >:3)
next to this, Rise is working really hard to get the website working and give it way more utility than add the bot to your server and change your rank cards. We do not have any ETA for it, but it will come soon! (mid-2020 or late 2020 probably?)

Also, as you may notice yukiko.nishikino.me now redirect to yukiko.app, Yukiko has her own domain name! yay! Thanks to GreenP for his contribution. he helps us a lot even on the dev part so Thank you <3

Okay, I think I said everything... I'll add an update if I forgot smth :) Have fun! :D

UPDATE: I forgot to mention we updated the "whois" commands, now show you every presence a user has like the game they play, music on Spotify, and custom status (Yes, all 3 at the time! x3)

Asthriona Ng

People call me "Cool kid" Because I know code, video editing, and I'm the best wow player of The Wall. But don't let them fool you! I'm not cool :p

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