My public Apologies to The Wall.


Hi, I'm Alestra Guild Master of The Wall. I would like to apologize to the members of The Wall, Mainly to Hibernate that I attacked in a simply nasty way and without a real reason.
Indeed, not leveling a character is not a bad thing, and I particularly appreciate her vision of the game which is different from mine, by the fact that my goal is to get better, whatever my level is,
and she's just having fun.
I should never have attacked her like this.
There is nothing bad in being level 60 with 19 days played in 2020.
In fact, I respect this playing time which is an honorable number and which represents 456 hours.
the joke was bad taste and I apologize for this.
I can promise this kind of mistake will never happen again because More than just regretting, I am leaving my position as Guild Leader. this unforgivable act is more than a simple word, mean word like those ones can hurt someone, I'm totally aware of this. And the fact I made it public in the guild "MOTD" is simply too much. This decision does not come from the head of The Wall, but directly from me.
Simple apologies are not enough. I can't look at myself in the mirror, I'm just seeing the monster I am. The monster that types those words thinking he is funny. I was Aware Vik made the last MOTD. But I didn't have anything to say. Plus he includes himself in the attack since he also plays a Dranei Paladin as main character. I was just in a weak mindset. but there is no excuse to attack only one person. I hope you're not going to get mad too long for this incident. I hope the best for the rest of the guild.

I'm Alestra Ex Guild Leader of The Wall.

Asthriona Ng

People call me "Cool kid" Because I know code, video editing, and I'm the best wow player of The Wall. But don't let them fool you! I'm not cool :p

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