My New Blog!


Hey guys! My new blog is now live! not much content for now, and it still a beta version (0.1 at the time I type this), but more coming soon! What better than coding a whole new blog on his B-day ? I don't know ?! Anyway. What could you find here? A lot of stuff running on my mind, Like anime review, Hardware Review, code stuff, Friend stuff, and everything I want to talk about.

Why Creating a new blog? It's been a long time I wanted to code my own blog, front-end (Client visible part) is easy, but back-end (Where the magic happen)way harder, and i'm not good to make back-end. but i find new stuff helped me a lot! and I get back to code because of The Wall. so it was the perfect moment to make it. A cool blog to work with a cool website! but as I can already see, there is few bug, like short description of the post and stuff like that.

I also start sharing my sources so you can find it on GitHub, but please if you use my code (even a part of it) mention me somewhere. (footer or about page but not in code comments.) with a link to my GitHub or website

Well, That's it for now. Asthriona, Out.

Asthriona Ng

People call me "Cool kid" Because I know code, video editing, and I'm the best wow player of The Wall. But don't let them fool you! I'm not cool :p

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