About me.

Hey, I'm Asthriona, And I still dont have a name, except "HEY!" or "Hey YOU!" I'm somekind of WebDev, I work for Sirius Media Group, as Lead Producer and Lead Project developer. I hate Coding, But I love it at the same time. dont ask me why, Taking about code, i'm also working for NuxArch & Rainboom Studio

Outside of code and work, i love to have fun with friend at The Wall, And watch anime. You can find my Anilist here I'm Maybe a weeb after all.. I dont know... Is this bad? You can find my Main WoW Character here. My top 3 Fav anime is Angel beats!, Charlotte And HitoriBocchi. Fav (Console) Game -> Persona 5, Fav (PC) game -> WoW

About this website.

This website is developped by Asthriona and hosted by Sirius Media Group
This is a beta version. if you find bugs, please contact me at im@asthriona.com or on twitter @Asthriona

The content of this blog is under © Copyright Asthriona, All Right Reserved. 2020.
The code is under Mozilla Public License 2.0 which means you can use & modify the code for yourself, but you have to credit me. All credit on image or video goes directly to their creator.

We are using different technologies such as NodeJS, Express, MongoDB & apache.
The code is availiable on GitHub.


  • NodeJS
  • Express
  • Discord Gateway
  • MongoDB
  • Boostrap
  • AshquiRenee Web Server
  • Google Font
  • Snyk
most of the code is wrtien by Asthriona except for:
The Footer: By By Aimee => Github